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On air slots

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The on air slots are six, placed in the Live section and reserved to the first 6 tracks to be aired. Other next tracks will be displayed in the Playlist On Air section.

In particular, the first on air slot is reserved for the track currently on air, whose information during playback will be showed on the main display.


At the the end of the track playback, the contents of all slots will be moved one position up and the next track will be aired.

Slots are not only reserved to tracks but also other items such as sequences or web streams.


The basic operations that can be done on the slots are:


Add items

Drag on the slots the items to air, from the other main interface sections.

If a item is dragged in one already full slot, this will not replace the content of the slot but will be inserted between the items already queued. The item will be inserted above or below the slot, depending on the position of the green line.


Swap the order of items from two slots

Drag a slot over another one to move it.


Skip the currently aired slot

Use the Skip button in the transport controls to air the next slot.


On each slot there are controls to perform other operations:


Play button

Allows you to instantly move the content from that slot to the first slot and air it. If the playback is already on, the aired item stops immediately.

Any elements before the already on air slots are deleted.


Slot options

By clicking the arrow in a slot you can see two options:

-Locate in library

The slot item is searched and displayed in the interface sections, depending on the type of the item (i.e. A sequence will be localized in the Sequence section).

-Remove from the slots

Removes the item from the slot.


Each slot shows the following information refererring to its content:






Duration (related to editing)


Intro position


Estimated on air time




Among these, the Tag shows visually one or more information on the origin or type of one slot content:



Tag for items from a clock.



Tag for items from a playlist.



Tag for a sequence.



Tag for a web stream.



Tag for backgrounds of time notice.


If a slot contains a sequence, the number of items is showed next to his name. When the sequence is played, the counter indicates which item is playing.


Items queued after the sixth and last slot are placed in the Playlist On Air section and increase their position when other slots end to play.