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Welcome to Inonda

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Welcome to Inonda


Inonda is the platform that allows you to create and manage your radio in cloud.

With Inonda, making radio is easier than you might think: all you need is a computer or a tablet, an internet connection and the desire to be listened to.


Create your library, edit audio files and generate playlists with music, jingles and commercials.

When you are done working, you can also turn off the computer: program your schedules, broadcast from the cloud 24/7, in high quality, without limitations on listeners and without keeping the equipment on.


To make the best use of our platform:


icon-videotutorial Watch the detailed and intuitive video tutorials, divided by topic in order to select the one that interests you most and follow the explanation of our technicians.

icon-faq Consult the FAQ, where you will find the answers to the questions asked by other users.

icon-contact If you do not find the solution to your problem, contact us without obligation, we will gladly answer your doubts.