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Automatic mode

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When a clock is activated, its categories are immediately analyzed in the order, from first to the last.


According to the on air rules, a song is chosen for each category contained in the active clock. Inonda chooses a sufficient number of songs to fill all the on air slots and two extra tracks, queued in the Playlist On Air section.

At the end of a track, the items from the second slot moves up by one position. Thanks to the automatic mode the broadcast slots are filled automatically when they are empty and new tracks are chosen and queued.


To let Inonda playing in automatic mode is therefore necessary to define one or more clocks.

Remember that:


Genres are containers with which the user can sort tracks in the library. The tracks in a genre are not in any music rotation, until you place them in categories and the in clocks.

Categories are programming groups and can contain tracks from different genres. The tracks contained in the categories are chosen by the clock with which they are associated.

Clocks are rotations of more categories and choose tracks from them in automatic mode.


You also need to schedule at least one clock, programming it for a certain time so it starts automatically at the chosen time.


To start broadcast in automatic mode, choose a clock from the Live section, next to the transport controls. The Automatic mode button is automatically activated.


By clicking Play and starting the broadcast, as long as the Automatic mode button remains active tracks will always be generated from the selected clock.


To diversify the music program, you can schedule more different clocks at different times so the respective clocks will be activated at that time.

Alternating clocks and other scheduled events build up the daily scheduling of the station.