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On air rules

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Every time a category contained in a clock, in a sequence or a playlist must be aired, Inonda verifies the on air rules and choose the most suitable song to play.

Inonda is therefore based on several criteria to ensure optimal and varied choice of songs.


To respect the rules without difficulties, it is important to provide an adequate number of songs to allow reasonable big choice. If not, it will be chosen the "less bad" of available songs.

In this case Inonda uses the weight of each rule to determine the less bad song to be selected from the category.

You can decide which rules are more important than others, to let Inonda prefer songs that violate rules set as less important.  Click Edit > Settings > Rules.


The Rules tab allows you to choose a percentage of importance for each rule. Inonda tries to follow better the rules with the highest percentage and gives less priority to those with the lowest percentage. Controls ranging from a minimum value of 0% ( "the rule is not used in automation") to a maximum value of 100% ( "the rule should always be respected").

Click on the control bars to move the value of rules.


For a correct rules management you should follow those tips:


Create a ranking of rules based on importance, assigning to the most important rule the highest weight and proceeding step by step decreasing the weight for each other rule till the least important (that with the lowest weight).

Avoid the value 100% unless a rule is considered “to be strictly respected” compared to the others.

Assign the value 0% to rules not important and unused.


Once you have made your changes, click OK.


Rules are always analyzed during the broadcast in automatic mode.

It's possible to specify whether a category should be excluded from rules analysis.

From Edit > Define > Categories, the option Excluded from rules is available.


It's useful, for example, to exclude from the rules a category that contains jingles, where the on air rules must not be necessarily observed.