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User guide

The tab allows you to specify the connection settings to the streaming server.

Not to be confused with web streams, which are external stream that can be played from the cloud.



Set the type of stream among SHOUTCast (v1 or v2) and Icecast.



Set the type of encoding used among MP3, OGG and AAC.



Set the bitrate in Kbps.



Specify the connection data: server URL, port and mount point (if SHOUTCast v2 or Icecast).


Listen URL

Shows streaming direct links, in HTTP and HTTPS.



Specify the username to access the streaming service.



Specify the password to access the streaming service.

If the service type is SHOUTCast v2 or Icecast, you can also enter the Admin Password to access the statistics.


Stream Name

Set the name of the stream.


Player URL

Set the direct link to the streaming player.



Set a streaming description.


Changes to these settings will take effect after restarting the encoder from Edit > Operations > Restart encoder.